Pocket FaME

A Comprehensive Touch-free Attendance & Employee Tracking Management solution to Simplify, Standardise and Automate your Attendance Management for Indoor and Outdoor Staff.


Face Recognition
GPS - Exact Location
Server Time Stamp - Accurate Time

Types of Attendance Capturing


For Office Coming Staff

  • A tablet with Blink-In application is mounted at the reception or entrance gate
  • Employee walks towards the tablet without touching anything
  • Face recognition is auto-triggered instantly
  • Attendance is recorded with a confirmation message
  • The system will be ready for next employee with-in 5 seconds

For Outdoor Staff - Sales/Support/Working from home

  • Employee installs Blink-In application in their own mobile phone
  • Employee can Check-in or Check-out through Face Recognition
  • GPS location and Server time are recorded for attendance

For Exceptional Cases

  • Admin marks attendance on behalf of employee
  • Remarks will be recorded

"Pocket FaME for Security/Facility/Manpower Management companies"

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